7-inch Archos Gamepad Tablet

Archos has launched a 7″ Android tablet computer focused on to hardcore game enthusiasts who want physical buttons and therefore joysticks over touchscreen controls. Referred to as the “GamePad,” the tablet sustains game controller APIs built into variation 4.x of Android, as well as its unique controller “mapping” application that works with video games without having controller help.

Archos had not been too certain with regard to the tablet’s technical specs, stating it comes loaded with a 7″ capacitive touch screen, possibly 1280×800 pixels, and a 1.5GHz dual-core central processing unit. The processor chip genuinely does come up with an included Mali-400MP quad-core GPU, although, that would propose first rate 3D gaming results. (Too bad Archos didn’t go with the much more effective Mali-T658). The device also involves an incorporated D-pad, ABXY buttons, as well as analog thumbsticks for video gaming action.

Avid gamers have long lamented the decrease of physical controls on touchscreen units from the time the roll-out of the iPhone 3G and therefore Apple’s iOS App Store in 2008. Whilst firms similar to ThinkGeek, Ion, and also Gametel have sought to produce add-ons to take care of the pitfall, Archos’ GamePad in considered the 1st Android pc tablet role-built for video gaming.

The GamePad might not have ever happened had it not been for Google’s decision to support game controllers natively in the latest versions of Android. “When Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ was first released, they included game controller support within the frameworks,” Henri Crohas, Archos Founder and CEO said in a statement. “And that is when we decided to build the GamePad.”

Archos has been working with game developers for the last six months to include native support for Android’s controller APIs. However, it has prepared for games that don’t support those APIs by building its own software to recognize virtual game controls and automatically map them to the physical controls. Archos said that over 1,000 games available through the Google Play Store are already supported, “including back catalog titles that originally didn’t include physical controls.”

The Archos GamePad goes on sale at the end of October for E150, or roughly $200.

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