5 Easy Tips to Help You Buy a Digital Camera in India

Mr. X needed a camera, actually a digital camera, so he logged on to an e-commerce portal, browsed the range of cameras for a minute, and placed order for one which he thought, is good for him. Within next 3 days, the courier boy appeared at Mr. X’s office and delivered the camera (of course, he first took the cash). Mr. X was more than happy and showed his latest purchase to all his colleagues. But, very soon, he got his first heart-attack when one of his colleagues told him that he had also bought a camera and that’s much better to the one, Mr. X has just bought, not just in terms of features but also price wise. When Mr. X searched the net for that camera, he got the second heart attack; the camera (that his colleague had bought) was looking such beautiful and had more features that the one he had just purchased. Make sure you are not the next Mr. X. Are you planning for a professional camera? Make sure you follow the below 5 easy tips so that you end-up buying a digital camera in India that truly meets your needs.

Friends and family can be a great resource for learning about which digital cameras work well and which don’t. Of course, you should check out Internet as well, but face-to-face opinions from people you trust and know are much better.

2. So, how will you use the camera?

If you are a nature lover, and want to shoot a lot of nature’s photos, you better opt for a camera with large zoom lens. If it’s your friends and family at parties who’ll be in most of your photos, you should look for a camera that performs well in low-light conditions. Sit for a few minutes and find out how you are going to use the camera, and then, look for the digital camera in India that fits your specific needs the best way.

3. Size Does Matter

Some people may prefer larger digital cameras that are easy to hold, while others may want to settle for a small, thin model that fits easily in a pocket or purse. So, take your time and then, grab the size that fits your hands the best.

4. Budget

It’s good to have a rough figure in the back of your mind; set a budget before you go out and make a buy.

5. Learn the Jargons

Photography includes a lot of jargons; if not all, you should familiarize yourself with at least a few ones. Read through a digital camera glossary for half an hour and it’s more than enough.

Nikon Coolpix S6200 Camera For Every Situation

Not all camera work for all situations, some are best for close-ups, some have incredible zoom lens and some have great clarity and color schemes. But the Nikon Coolpix has everything that will make photography a different experience that will definitely satisfy is an incredible point and shoot digital camera which is smart, intelligent and is light weight as is also very easy to use and provides clarity and color like no other in this you want to be ready for any situation, you should buy a Nikon that come in various styles and ranges and have excellent colors to choose from.

The S6200 is a good companion while features in it are advanced and have been integrated with cutting edge technology to get that clarity and sharpness that you will find only in expensive cameras. The 10 x optical zoom offers 3.2 – 5.8 F value with a 4x digital feature provides excellent zoom with clarity and can now capture any distant object of birds, ships in the ocean or a far away monument in this digital provided NIKKOR ED glass is a great addition in the focusing, it has been in-built with the 50cm focus in normal and 10cm in macro mode and contrast detect TITL AF. The focus is great and you will never ever find yourself without a right focus. It comes built with the ??.3 inch ccd image sensor. 16.0 million Camera effective pixels and also the blur free image due to the image stabilizer.

Nikon Coolpix S6200 Review has appreciated the speed and the user friendly features integrated in the digital white balance has maintained its ability to provide auto mode, manual more, incandescent mode, cloudy, fluorescent, and flash.There are several modes that will help you out with every situation that you are it night or day, the beach or the snow peaked mountains, you are not going to be worried about anything.

The built is superb with light weight body and compact screen is 2.7 inch with 230K dot and is a TFT LCD monitor with anti-reflection LCD screen is great to view prior to clicking and you will get to know how exactly you are going to get it monitor displays with clarity and comes with ISO 80-3200 & f=25 to 250 mm /f/ has a resolution pixel of 10 and the lens is NIKKOR ED glass battery gives around 250shots which is good enough for a can recharge it again.Nikon Coolpix S6200 price is Rs. 9,652 approximately.